We started work in earnest in 2002. Since then we have expanded our aims and been involved in a number of projects.

  • Emerging Regional Centres of Excellence (ERCE): This is a label of quality endorsed to such centres that offer training to Master and possibly PhD level to students from less developed countries in their regions and in such way effectively promote the mathematics education and research development. For more details see here.
  • Work with the Simons Foundation: In November 2016, with the support of the Simons Foundation, the CDC opened a program of research visits to foster research opportunities for young and established researchers. For more details see here.
  • Financial Support: The CDC has a limited funding substantially from donor. This is used to in agreement with the aims and objectives of the CDC. A formal application for funding should be sent to the CDC by 15th March or 15th September each year. Please email the following addresses: sophie.dabo@univ-lille.fr I pappa@mat.uniroma3.it I nick.gill@open.ac.uk We will consider requests that are in line with our aims and objectives. The requests will be considered by the CDC at its annual meeting and decision will be made. The application should contain:
    1. Applicant name, title, affiliation, address, email address
    2. Motivation and background for the application, context
    3. Sum requested and budget frame (amounts already available or requested to other sponsors)
    4. Supporting material, e.g. CV, support letters.
      We expect a report to be sent to the email above after the funding has been received and used.
  • Reduced EMS Membership: A special reduced fee of 5€ for mathematicians who reside in a developing country from this list was established by our Committee. More details on the advantages of membership can be found on the EMS website.
  • Maths indexing from zbMATH: Access is now free to all. Full information here.
  • Funding conferences: Decisions to support a conference are taken once a year, during our annual meeting in April. We have funded participants to many conferences, including those organised by CIMPA school; those run by, and for African Women in Mathematics; and so on.
  • Electronic access: One member of the committee, Anders Wandahl, has run four workshops on electronic access. The first, in Addis Ababa, was facilitated with a grant from the International Mathematical Union (IMU) and attracted 47 participants. The second took place in Bamako, Mali in November 2010 during a CIMPA Research School. The other two were in Maputo and Phnom Penh.
    Members of Electronic access subcommittee:
    Anna Fino, Michel Waldschmidt, Anders Wandahl (Chair of the subcommittee). The CDC is open to facilitate such activity at request of interested parties. To present a motion of interest please email the following addresses: sophie.dabo@univ-lille.fr I pappa@mat.uniroma3.it I nick.gill@open.ac.uk
  • Mentoring: We participate in the project entitled Mentoring African Research Mathematics (MARM).
  • Book donation scheme: We aim to send books donated by mathematicians in the developed world to institutes and departments in the developing world. We have received quite a number of generous offers: from individuals who retire, from institutes/libraries getting rid of excess stock, from libraries going digital, and also from publishers’ surplus. We continue to welcome such generosity.

    On the other hand, we also have a list of recipients: those who have promised to make available to all local mathematicians freely the donated material, and to keep it in good condition. This list is ever expanding, and we welcome any such institutes to contact us for this purpose.

    The shipping costs are high, but we are supported financially, on a case-by-case basis, by ICTP, American Mathematical Society, London Mathematical Society, Zentralblatt, The Norwegian Programme for Development, Research and Education (NUFU), and also our own very limited funds. We have moved tens of tonnes of books and journals, from Europe, USA and Canada, to Africa, South East Asia, and South and Central America.

    Possible donor or recipients can email the following addresses: sophie.dabo@univ-lille.fr I pappa@mat.uniroma3.it I nick.gill@open.ac.uk

Past activities and reports

  • Cambodian students: We have supported a number of Cambodian students through their M.Sc. studies. In July 2013, we were very pleased to receive news of the first PhD student in mathematics in Cambodia.
  • Conference discussions: We held a roundtable at 5ECM and a discussion group at ICM10.
  • Twinning: Until 2012 we had a twinning scheme under which we could provide a starting seed grant of around 500 Euros to facilitate the twinning of departments in developed and developing regions. Since this program was not active for many months, it is is not continued, but we could revive it in case of need.
  • Reports: Past reports from the EMS-CDC committee and its members can be found here.