zbMATH is a mathematics-reviewing service (edited by the EMS, FIZ Karlsruhe, and the Heidelberg Academy) that can be accessed online at www.zbmath.org. The site indexes all relevant mathematics journals, with complete coverage back to 1868. Every article published since 1868 is linked, with metadata and additional review resp. abstract available on the site. Other features include access to author profiles including citation profiles, links to full texts, a database of mathematical software (www.swmath.org) and more.

In general, to access the full features of zbMATH institutions have to pay a subscription. However, zbMATH provides free access to a large number of developing countries. The list of these countries is here. Please ask for free access by writing an email to:

zbMATH is also able to provide free access to participants in conferences and workshops in developing countries. In order to facilitate this, organisers should send a request to the above email some time before the conference takes place.

More info on zbMATH is here.