Information on the seven current Emerging Regional Centres of Excellence (ERCE) centres is available in the links below.

  About Advantages Criteria How to apply

Institutes matching all, or most, of the criteria are encouraged to apply. The advantages for the ERCE centres are:

  1. The label can add prestige and visibility to the centre, which will most probably attract more and better students.
  2. Often this will in turn attract funding from local and regional sources.
  3. The members of CDC will be there to give support and advice whenever needed. Since this will be considered part of our direct mission, they will get priority of our time and resources.
  4. CDC will be on hand to help those of the students who might wish to and who are capable of continuing their studies after their M.Sc.
  5. CDC will try to send experienced lecturers to give short or medium courses, e.g. by involving the Volunteer Lecturer Program sponsored by the Developing Countries Strategy Group (DSCG) of the International Mathematical Union, in cooperation with CIMPA and the U.S National Committee for Mathematics.
  6. CDC will seek European hosts for researchers from these centres for visits or collaborations, or both.
  7. CDC will make available small grants for members of the centres to attend conferences, when appropriate.