Information on the seven current Emerging Regional Centres of Excellence (ERCE) centres is available in the links below.

  About Advantages Criteria How to apply

Our first call for interest went out in 2010. Since then a number of ERCE centres have been identified, see the top of the page. The list of criteria for participation in this scheme are:

  1. The centre is of good scientific standing in the region and neighboring regions.
  2. It has a good track record both in research and in pedagogy.
  3. The centre has a fairly international outlook.
  4. The centre has good, reasonably guaranteed long-term prospects.
  5. The centre is willing to admit and educate graduate students from less developed regions. It should have the infrastructure to do so, e.g. the language of instruction should preferably be in one of English, French or Spanish.
  6. The degree aimed at is M.Sc., and Ph.D. in exceptional cases.
  7. The centre is willing to welcome well-established foreign visiting mathematicians for collaboration in research and for teaching graduate courses.
  8. The centre should assist smaller centres nearby - the label should have a positive effect not only for the selected institution, but more widely for the development of mathematics in the region.

Institutes matching all, or most, of these criteria are encouraged to apply.